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Auchentoshan by the sea

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sea lounge

Ok, I have to tell you about the very cool thing I did yesterday. I was invited by Auchentoshan and Philipson & S�derberg to go on a whisky tasting on board Sealounge, which is a very luxurious conference boat in Stockholm, owned by Grand Hotel. It was really lovely - and I have lots of photos to show you.

auchentoshan bottle

Auchentoshan has recently redesigned their bottles, which is why they're doing this pretty massive re-launch all over the world. You can see Henrik Aflodal in the back of the photo - he's the one who led the Glenfarclas tasting I went to in December. Definitely a whisky connaisseur.

auchentoshan tasting

It's a nice whisky - a very flavorful single malt that's not at all smokey. Apparently it's the triple destillation that gives it its unique flavor - very citrusy and with hints of dried nuts or tobacco leaf. We tried the 12 year old, the 18 year old and the 21 year old. I really preferred the young one.

It apparently goes well with many foods, which is something I'll try. The Auchentoshan three-wood with a sherry finish was my favorite, and I'm thinking that it'd be brilliant in some kind of ice cream, maybe with caramels, nuts and chocolate...


We also went by the Gothenburg ship which was docked at Wasavarvet. Everyone stopped listening and just looked at it - it's quite beautiful!

auchentoshan 40yo

Here's Patrik Strandberg, brand manager, who's serving a very, very, very good 40-year old Auchentoshan. Only 200 bottles released world-wide...

auchentoshan master blender

And Auchentoshans master blender, Iain McCallum, with the bottle.

me with champagne

And we got champagne. In the sun. Oh my. Cheers!

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