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Grape Jam

Friday, July 4, 2008

I just can't believe I made jam. JAM, people! Quite a regular little cook, huh?! I have to say that this blogging thing has made me all confident and happy! I still can't believe I made Jam! Okay, I'll stop being modest.

The thing is, it was so so easy - I never did realize how easy it was, until I saw other people making it all over the blogosphere. And I figured if I can make complicated rasams and sambars, which require grinding, measuring and tasting, this jam thing should be a piece of cake... um, ok, jelly doughnut!

Grape Jam
1.5 cups Green Grapes, washed thoroughly
1 cup Sugar (It was very very sweet - next time I'm going to use only 3/4 cup. I think a 2:1 fruit to sugar ratio is a good guide)
Juice of one large lemon
1/4 cup water

Sterilize the jam jar and let it dry completely.

Heat a large saucepan and add the grapes and some water (I don't think its a done thing to add water - most people seem to just let the juices ooze from the fruit but I wanted to get things cooking).

Crush them as they cook. Add the sugar and continue crushing. Add the lemon juice (I needed the acid to preserve the jam and also didn't have any pectin, but the juice did the trick).

Let it cook down - this will take about a half hour. To test whether the jam is done, put a tiny spoonful onto a cold plate. Let it cool, tilt the plate, if the jam stays in place, it's done. If the jam is still too watery, continue cooking and testing every 5 minutes. Pour the jam into the jar and let it cool off before you refrigerate. That's it, folks. All done.

This is my second entry for Pixie and Rosie's Putting Up event, which is totally the force behind me making JAM! :)

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