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Sprouted Lentils

Friday, July 4, 2008

Matki or Moth or Turkish Gram beans are very new to me. I searched every corner of my city for the beans before I found them. They are extremely healthy and a great source of vitamins and protein. A bowl of sprouted matki beans give you your daily recommended intake of protein! Each tiny grain is packed with so much goodness! And its delicious, too!

Sprouting beans is pretty simple. Here is a pictorial description of the process to sprout matki beans, which works for most beans and lentils.

Soak the beans/ lentils for 6-8 hours or overnight.

Rinse and tie them up in muslin cloth. Depending on the weather (you need a warm space), the lentils will begin to sprout in 1-2 days.
Open them up to discover some beautiful sprouted lentils.

Sprouted matki beans can be eaten fresh (I add chopped tomatoes, cucumber, salt and pepper and lime juice and have a nice healthy salad), or you can cook them in any number of ways.

Matki is very popular in Indian cuisine and a variety of curries are made using Matki, including the famous street food, Misal (recipe to follow soon in another post!). For some great recipes using sprouted matki beans, check these out:

Matki Sprouts Pulao
Green Beans with Sprouts
Matki Sprouts Curry or Usal

This is off to Paulchen for Weekend Herb Blogging. WHB was initially started by the wonderful Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen. Thanks for doing this - it also provides me a chance to know more about the ingredients I'm using!