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L�kerol Wild Strawberry/Mint

Friday, July 4, 2008


L�kerol makes sugar-free candy. Or not really candy, but throat lozenges, really. Although some of the flavors are really guilt-free candy - my favorite is violet and salty licorice. (Yes, combined!) They recently launched the two-tone candies ("Split!") in the picture - first, three flavors with half licorice, half berry (raspberry, lingonberry and cloudberry) and now, two flavors with half mint, half fruit. The ones I've tried? Mint and Wild Strawberry. (I think the other one had blood orange - not completely sure, I haven't seen it in many stores yet.) Anyway - it works a lot better than I'd expected. The mint is mild, providing more of a background to the vibrant wild strawberry flavor. Tasty! Oh, and I did mention they're guilt-free, right?

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