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Art Smith loves kn�ckebr�d

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I'm sure many of you know who Art Smith is. He's a pretty famous chef, and among other things, a personal chef to Oprah Winfrey. He's in charge of stocking her cupboards with all her favorite foods, and he likes to sneak in new products that he thinks she will enjoy. One day, he placed a packet of kn�ckebr�d there - that's Swedish crisp bread, usually made from rye - and suddenly, Oprah declared on her show that she just "loved those little Swedish delights!".

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A Swedish editor picked up on it, and was quick to ask Art to write a cookbook about kn�ckebr�d, in Swedish. And so he did. And a few weeks ago, he visited Sweden to launch that book - "I Love Kn�ckebr�d", and I was lucky enough to go to the press conference.

I also got a chance to chat to Art about blogging and new medias and he was very nice and interested. He seemed really excited about his book, which is so far just released in Swedish but the editor told me that they're definitely wanting to release this in English as well - I'll let you know!


The book isn't very extensive - after all, how many recipes using crisp bread can you think of? - and has a total of 32. It ranges from breakfast items to snacks and main dishes and even desserts. We got to sample several - a turkey chili, a frittata (that was divine!) and a mini burger that was also really good, as well as a muesli with kn�ckebr�d, a chocolate cake and a key lime pie that was definitely my favorite.


It goes to show that crisp bread is *really* versatile, as well as healthy and tasty! Wasabr�d is one of the largest producers of crisp bread and they export a lot so I bet you can find it pretty much all over the world now - at least in your local IKEA. You can also bake your own - I have a great recipe.

And... an update on the kittens - sadly, two of them have passed away. The other two - the girls - are doing quite well, but we're feeding them every other hour. I have high hopes for them, but do keep your fingers crossed for us. I'll update when they're a bit more stable, as it is I don't really want to disturb them by taking any photos.

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